On Sunday, the 9th of June 2019, we are organizing a Rengo-Tournament for all participants of the Kidocup starting at 5 pm.
Sponsor of this tournament is Omikron Data Quality GmbH.

Tournament Schedule

Sunday, 09.06.2019
16:30 Registration deadline
17:00-18:00 1st round Rengo
18:00-19:00 2nd round Rengo
19:00-19:30 Break
19:30-20:30 3rd round Rengo
20:30-21:30 4th round Rengo

(21:30-22:30 if applicable final Rengo)

Tournament System

Teams of two play against each other
4 rounds of the Swiss system (and, if necessary, final matches for first place and third place)
2 x 20 minutes with Sudden Death
Set -1 to the average playing strength or 6.5 Komi


1st Place: 2 vouchers worth 75 Euro each
2nd Place: 2 vouchers worth 50 Euro each
3rd Place: 2 vouchers worth 25 Euro each

Best mixed pair: 2 vouchers worth 50 Euro each

Best youth couple: 2 vouchers worth 50 Euro each

The prizes are cumulatively awarded so that mixed youth couples can win three times.